23–25 March 2023

Important dates:

Nov 2022: Publication of Call
Dec 12 2022
Jan 02 2023: 1st Stage Submission
Jan 13
Jan 27 2023: Notification of Acceptance
Feb 6
Feb 20 2023: 2nd Stage Submission for Book of Abstracts and Online Exhibition
March 8: Registration deadline
Mar 23–25 2023: CONFERENCE
Apr 20 2023: Final Submission for Online Proceedings and Database

The CA²RE Community (Conferences for Artistic and Architectural Research) is an open network that aims to improve Design-Driven research quality through intensive peer-reviewing at critical stages. The CA²RE conferences bring together senior staff, advanced researchers and early-career researchers to understand, scrutinise and enhance the quality of research through intensive peer reviews.

EXCHANGING focuses on the shared learning spaces of DESIGN-DRIVEN RESEARCH. We want to explore and expand ways of presenting, communicating and providing feedback to design-driven research. We will develop the event's structure and test new presentation formats to strengthen the dialogue and exchange.

AARHUS's concept of research deliberately spans from academic-based research over research by design to artistic research. From this position, researchers and local PhD researchers will engage with the CA²RE community to create a lively, engaging event centred on the exchange and development of design-driven research.

We are happy to announce the 13th CA²RE conference under the topic EXCHANGING. The conference will take place at the Aarhus School of Architecture in association with ARENA, EAAE and ELIA.

Organizing Team & Scientific Committee

Claus Peder Pedersen (Chair) & Anders Kruse Aagaard


CA²RE in association