The CA²RE Aarhus event addresses the topic of EXCHANGING. The conference builds on the topics explored at previous CA²RE conferences and the recommendations articulated through the recently concluded CA²RE+ ERASMUS+ project. Building on these experiences, the Aarhus event will focus on developing CA²RE further as a shared learning space for DDr. We want to explore and expand how to present, communicate and offer feedback to design-driven research. We will experiment with the event's structure and test new presentation formats to strengthen the dialogue and exchange between the presenters, doctoral fellows, postdoctoral and senior researchers, panel members and keynotes.

The CA²RE Aarhus will maintain a strong focus on the research of doctoral candidates and provide substantial time for the discussion of each presentation. We will, however, also explore how to develop productive frameworks for presenting and discussing DDr by postdoctoral and senior researchers. We aim at creating inclusive and informal knowledge-sharing sessions to foster discussion and feedback across types and levels of experience.

Aarhus School of Architecture (AAA) is an independent institution under the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. It offers an academic education centred around three approaches to architecture: artistic, scientific, and practice-based. AAA believes architecture should influence the world and create sustainable settings for people living there. The school educate architects to create value for the community in a changing world through new ideas and relevant solutions. This world increasingly challenges us to think creatively to exist, live, and thrive. AAA do this by working closely with other professional groups, embracing new technologies, daring to experiment, and constantly acquiring new skills. AAA focus on strengthening project-oriented and innovation-driven research of high quality and relevance. Architecture deals with scientific and artistic elements, and AAA's concept of research deliberately spans from academic-based research over research by design to artistic research. From this position, researchers and local PhD researchers will engage with the CA²RE community to create a lively, engaging event centred on the exchange and development of design-driven research.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Aarhus!

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