Avanoğlu / Approaching Bonding

Approaching Bonding Bonding with a roof beam through bonding with a dog

Author: İpek Avanoğlu, Istanbul Technical University; KU Leuven

Supervisor: Riet Eeckhout, KU Leuven; Aslıhan Şenel, Istanbul Technical University

Research stage: PhD, Late stage

Category: Artefact


This project unpacks a hands-on approach to the notion of bonding, speculating on its corporeal specificities with regard to its emotive nature. Through drawing and model-making, I choreograph bondings, offering the term ‘near-bonding’, artefacts that come as close as possible to a bonding. Each near-bonding has a corporeal specificity and opens the spatial into discussion through this specificity. I put forward drawing and model-making as media to provide an access to bonding’s spatial intents. Through three choreographed near-bondings, I aim to discuss a position of coming nearer to understanding a tangible corporeality by testing out bonding’s specific relational space in time.

Keywords: bonding, drawing, corporeality