Chavarría-Aldrete / Plastic Extension of Music

Plastic Extension of Music an introduction: coyote & unveiling the invisible

Author: Bertrand Chavarría-Aldrete, Lund University

Supervisor: Kent Olofsson, Lund University; Karin Johansson, Lund University; Jan Eric Olsén, Lund University

Research stage: PhD candidate, 3rd year

Category: Paper


Plastic Extension of Music is as a new form of interpretation beyond the canonical performance, translation, synesthesia or musical analysis. An artistic intervention in music performance, that is a physical or visual extension in space, taking the instrumental interpretation (praxis) of a musical work as a poietic process preceding a plasticity of the artistic object that emerges in space originated from the music and the interpreter.

Plastic extension considers the musical performance as an incompleteness that creates a recollection and awareness of the different elements and codes issued from the score, the musical performance and the interaction with the instrument, to extend with the same hands, the ideas, practise and deconstructed embodied knowledge on different medias issued from other art worlds, as metaphorical vehicles to create new models of music interpretation and plastic-visual art creations.

Keywords: Music, Visual arts Embodied knowledge, Plasticity, Performance, Blind and visually impaired