ter Weel / Concrete entanglement

Concrete entanglement Site-Specific Installation of an Architectural Machine

Author: Taufan ter Weel, TU Delft

Supervisor: Roberto Cavallo, Dr. ir., TU Delft; Heidi Sohn, Dr. ir., TU Delft

Research stage: PhD (intermediate stage)

Category: Artefact


The proposed artefact is a site-specific sound installation that seeks to explore the concrete entanglement of bodies, media technologies, and lived environment by making audible some of the given site’s sonic (or spectral) complexity, by modifying this sound environment, and by actively engaging the listeners in the process of modulation. The broader research explores the shifting relations between bodies, media technologies, and lived environment – the concrete entanglement between abstract space-time and social realities – through a spatial and diagrammatic approach based on sound and signal processing. It takes a transdisciplinary path across architecture, philosophy, sound studies, and sonic practice. Theoretical and design-driven research are intertwined.

Keywords: diagramming, transduction, modulation, entanglement, signal processing, abstract machine