S. T. Tobiasen / URO

URO Strange commonplace exercise

Author: Rasmus S. T. Tobiasen, The Royal Danish Academy

Supervisor: Lea Porsager, dr., The Royal Danish Academy; Gitte Juul, dr., The Royal Danish Academy

Research stage: Teaching Assistant Professor, intermediate stage

Category: Extended abstract


This paper is exploring notions of corresponding spatial exercises and restless conditions as a teaching- and an architectural practice. Tying together exercises of bodily familiar gestures with spatial production, through the body’s release of energy, the written reflection is intrigued by bodily exercises as an educational (embodying) and productive (animating) act within the same motion of closing and opening.

The uro, as a conceptual though-model, an ideology, to think and practice architecture towards, is both rendering the idea of restless conditions and is working as a guideline to structure and keep track of the exercises. The uro, is an architectural dream, pulling the techniques of exercises in a responsive/responsible direction of thinking architecture as bodily discipline, which is restlessly and productively addressed through bodily gestures.

Keywords: Spatial exercise, gestures, restless conditions, social movements, embodied learning, animated production