Püschel / Stimming a Space

Stimming a Space Exploring needs and talents of female neurodivergent creativity in the arts

Author: Anna Püschel, LUCA School of Arts – KU Leuven

Supervisor: Anja Veirman, LUCA School of Arts – KU Leuven; Esther Venrooij, KU Leuven

Research stage: Early

Category: Extended abstract


The proposed research seeks to enrichen current efforts to make the art world safe and supportive for everyone by focussing on the following research question: how can artistic practices carve space for neurodivergent women in the arts? Through combining auto-ethnographic to design-driven research, it aims to enrich current knowledge about neurodiversity as well as discussions about intersectionality on a larger scale that can improve the artistic careers of neurodivergent women by highlighting their specific needs and sets of talents.

Stimming a Space seeks to help neurodivergent women to have thriving careers in the Arts by a) expanding current knowledge about female neurodiversity through self-reflexive artistic research into the disabled body in space, b) create material that can be used as reference by the target group as well as what I call ‘neurodivergent advocates’ in order to accelerate necessary changes in the art field and engage into inclusive dialogues with institutions.

Keywords: Neurodiversity, Disability Studies, Intersectionality, Autotheory, Selfreflexivity