Bulajić / Learning from Godard

Learning from Godard Cinematic Montage as Architectural Research Method

Author: Đorđe Bulajić, Politecnico di Milano; University of Belgrade

Supervisor: Alessandro Rocca, Professor Dr., (Polimi), AUID, DAStU, Politecnico di Milano

Research stage: Early PhD

Category: Extended abstract


This study will examine the possibility of conducting architectural research through the temporal form of the montage technique – cinematic montage. The subject of this investigation is unquestionably a canonical topic of the architectural discipline – the window. Methodologically similar to an eight-part audio-visual essay by Jean-Luc Godard titled Histoire(s) du cinéma, this design-driven research will study in detail the architectural qualities of various windows within the cinematic space. As a final result, the experiment will present a short film sequence, which an extensive analytical diagram will follow. In this manner, the juxtapositions made in the film sequence through cinematic montage will be revisited and reconceptualised in the diagram space through the drawing process. By analysing the simultaneous design procedures in film sequence and diagram, this research aims to generate new knowledge within the architectural discipline.

Keywords: Cinematic Montage, Architecture and Cinema, Window