During the sessions, participants will have 60 minutes to present their projects and discuss their work with an international panel. We select participants through a double-blind peer-review process of the submissions. We will publish extended abstracts, papers and artefacts of selected participants in the online conference proceedings. Selected participants will also contribute to the CA²RE database of evaluated materials (delivering digital files of the presentation and any other document presented at the event, licensed under [(CC) BY-NC-SA]).

Feel free to browse the database of CA2RE EXPERIENCES (


For the first stage submission, the applicants are asked to provide the following:

An extended abstract (from 800 to 1200 words), including illustrations (max two pages of images);

A short reflection on the importance and role of Design Driven research approach, methodologies, techniques and tools employed in the research project (max 250 words), referring as well to the conference's main topic.

A short CV (max 100 words). Do not include the CV in the main file you'll be uploading. Instead, we ask you to add a website link while filling in your contact information in EasyChair, where participants can find your Bio information.


We invite selected applicants to choose between three categories for the 2nd stage submission depending on the focus of the planned presentation and preferences for publication:

1/ ARTEFACT: submission focused on original works presented and discussed as research results. Participants can choose the number and format of the image(s) submitted. At least 800 words of text, a 150-words abstract, a revised 250-words paragraph on Design-Driven research and three keywords need to be submitted.

2/ EXTENDED ABSTRACT: a revised abstract with 800-1200 words, a 150-words abstract, a revised 250-words paragraph on Design-Driven research, and at least three images and three keywords need to be submitted.

3/ PAPER: a full paper between 1600 and 2400 words, a 150-words abstract, a revised 250-words paragraph on Design-Driven research, at least three images, and three keywords need to be submitted.

We will send layout specifications with the Email of Acceptance. The 60 minutes presentation and discussion with international reviewers at the conference will be regarded as a second peer review. During the presentation, we invite participants to experiment with presenting (if applicable, online) through, e.g. live performances, live reports from construction sites, office and research environments, movie clips, virtual 3-dimensional meeting places etc.

Important dates:

Nov 2022: Publication of Call
Dec 12 2022
Jan 02 2023: 1st Stage Submission
Jan 13
Jan 27 2023: Notification of Acceptance
Feb 6
Feb 20 2023: 2nd Stage Submission for Book of Abstracts and Online Exhibition
March 8: Registration deadline
Mar 23–25 2023: CONFERENCE
Apr 20 2023: Final Submission for Online Proceedings and Database