Panel Members and their Research Interests


Anders Kruse Aagard

Aarhus School of Architecture

digital fabrication, materials, wood constructions, concrete, experiments

Naime Esra Akin

Aarhus School of Architecture

sustainable architecture, research methodology, qualitative analysis, urban sustainability, sustainable development

Joaquim Almeida

Universidade Lusófona do Porto


Matthias Ballestrem

HCU Hamburg

space perception, architecture psychology, typology, public interiors, design teaching, design build

Peter Bertram

The Royal Danish Academy

architecture, process and method, technology and digital design, theory and philosophy, aesthetics and form

Anđelka Bnin-Bninski

University of Belgrade

architect engineer with specializations in theory of arts and media and architectural philosophy

educator, curator and interdisciplinary researcher

practicing architect

current research focus on critical strategies and activist tactics of architectural drawing research in practice

Boštjan Botas Kenda

University of Ljubljana

my research areas are visual communications in public space in relation to publishing products


Corneel Cannaerts

KU Leuven

media-ecology, post-digital culture, computational creativity, artificial intelligence

Roberto Cavallo

TU Delft

architecture, urban design, interdisciplinary & multiscale approach, design-driven research, infrastructures & built environment, circularity, cross-domain perspective, experimental pedagogies, participatory processes, practice-oriented research


Per-Johan Dahl

Lund University

lofts, suburban, artist colony, Lebbeus Woods, experimentation, zoning, Hong Kong, zoning plan

Johan De Walsche

University of Antwerp

knowledge construction through design, design research, design education, non-written (research) outcomes, design-driven actor-oriented research

Débora Domingo-Calabuig

Universitat Politècnica de València

Her interests include the methods, means, and impact of architectural research. Her research focuses on the open design processes of the 60s and 70s architecture and urban design.


Kent Fitzsimons

Ecole nationale supérieure d'architecture et de paysage de Bordeaux

relationship between social phenomena and the notions of lived experience, body-based issues – life phases, gender, and impairment, spatial practices and their representation in public policy

Jonathan Foote

Aarhus School of Architecture

architecture, history and culture, renaissance, baroque, materiality

Marie Frier Hvejsel

Aarhus School of Architecture

theory of architecture, architecture, urban design, architectural history, housing, building technology, tectonics


Lidia Gasperoni

TU Berlin

philosophy of architecture, aesthetics, media, anthropocene, fieldwork, architectural theory and philosophy with a focus on media philosophy anthropocene theories, and aesthetics

Pedro Guilherme

Universidade de Èvora

architectural competitions, research by design, drawing research, architecture's internationalization, Álvaro Siza Vieira drawings and research method


Aileen Iverson-Radtke

Ai-R Architecture

digital architectural modeling technique/tool, creativity and innovation, design theory, designing


Thomas Bo Jensen

Aarhus School of Architecture

Architecture, history and culture, materials, aesthetics and form, restoration and transformation


Thierry Lagrange

KU Leuven

design-driven research methods, act of drawing, act of looking, the drawing in relation to new spatialities


Michael McGarry

Queen’s University Belfast

design practice research, representation, artistic practices, spatiality in the visual arts


Claus Peder Pedersen

Aarhus School of Architecture

architectural design methodologies, creative processes, design-driven research, representation, digital design tools


Edite Rosa

Universidade Lusófona do Porto

design project, housing and public equipment’s, urban and public space, social sustainability

The research interests are centred in the area of Architecture, in particular in the studies of modern architecture and practice of contemporary architecture.


Sofia Salema

Universidade de Èvora

architectural research; teaching and research practices in architectural education; Álvaro Siza Vieira drawings and research method; heritage and research practices in restoration/conservation works; research practices in recognition of heritage values

Jörg Schröder

Leibniz University Hannover

architecture, urban planning, territorial development, innovation and resilience, processes of strategy formation, co-design

Markus Schwai

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

urban design, spatial planning, small scale urban changes (intended to change behavior), participation - co-design, design driven research

Sally Stewart

The Glasgow School of Art

pedagogy and the design studio, social and environmental sustainability, learning outcomes, studio based education, c. r. mackintosh, japan


Jo Van Den Berghe

KU Leuven

experimental architectural design, Techné and Poiesis in making architecture (the poetics of making), innovative versions of the architectural drawing as an indispensable locus between Techné and Poiesis, design-driven research and reflective architectural practice

Esther Venrooij

KU Leuven

audio topography, how sound and movements inhabits space.

Liselotte Vroman

KU Leuven

architectural Engineering, urban/rural Sociology, communication and media, industrial design, communication design


Jürgen Weidinger

TU Berlin

theories of atmosphere, aesthetics in landscape architecture, design based research

Katrina Wiberg

Aarhus School of Architecture

landscape architecture and urban landscapes, climate adaptation and resilience with regard to water (rising sea levels, cloud burst, e.g.), research through designing, landscape analysis, scenario developmen emphasizing values-, scale and time perspectives